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Draught Proofing for Sash Windows in Bristol

Eliminate draughts and transform your windows with our popular draught proof and service package

Bring New Life to your traditional sash windows

Draught proofing is the most cost effective way to improve the thermal efficiency and functionality of your sash windows

Our draught proofing and service package answers all of the most common sash window complaints. It is in essence a service of the whole window, which once finished leaves it fully operational as it once was.

The service eliminates 95% of draughts and also helps to reduce noise pollution, prevent dirt and dust ingress, silence noisy rattles, squeaky pullies and leave the window with a smooth sliding action.

The result is a modernised sash window, while retaining the original style and conforming to listed building requirements.

Before & after

Swipe the image to see an example of the discreet integrated brush pile beading once installed

Close up of old, rotten window sill with paint peeling Close up of repaired and repainted window sill

A Bristolian touch

Draught proofing Bristol's sash windows for over 10 years

Due to its ability to answer multiple problems without encroaching into listed building regulations, most of the windows we restore around Bristol will be fitted with the draught proof package.

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to work  on projects over looking the Bristol suspension bridge, Victoria Park and city centre, to name but a few.

Enjoy the view from your windows while feeling the benefit of a draught free house.

How we help

Services included in the draught proof package

Once installed the brush pile beading eliminates 95% of the draughts from your sash window. We also rout the midrail and insert a strip to ensure all possible parts of the window are sealed. The brush also helps to eliminate rattles and achieve a smooth sliding, fully opening sash window.

All sash cords are replced during the service. This is essential in order for the balancing service to take place and the wax cord helps to achieve a longer lasting solution.

The balancing of the windows is the most important aspect when achieving a smooth sliding sash. With the correct amount of extra lead installed, the windows will glide up and down beautifully.

We include this service to ensure the draught proofing along the midrail is effective. We also plane the side of the sash as well as the bottom to ensure it fits nicely inside the box.

Essential to ensure, when locked, the routed mid rail is draught proofed effectively

The pullies are the part of the window that the cord runs through into the box frame. These can be oiled to provide an easier slide and get rid of those annoying squeaks.

Conscious construction

A modern upgrade at affordable prices

The draught proof package allows those constrained by stringent building regulations or those on tighter budgets to still benefit from the more modern sash window solutions. At New Life Sash Window, co we make sure our prices are fair and competitive, in order to make the service accessible to all.


From our Draught Proofing for Sash Windows clients

We’re very proud to receive wonderful testimonials for our craftsmanship, professionalism, pricing and communication. Here’s just a few of our favourites.

Tom and his team have done an amazing job. Very professional from preparing, sash window repair, draught proofing and tidying up after completion with great results. Very friendly and responsive on all enquiries. Would definitely recommend!
Can I please recommend Tom and his team to you. They have recently draught proofed and renovated my sash windows and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They were polite, courteous and I felt my home was in safe hands. My nearly 200 year old windows have been renovated to such a high standard they feel like new.
Tom and George did a really good job for us. Inevitably rotten bits were found which they reported and consulted about, then repaired or replaced as appropriate, in a most cost-effective and neat way. We enjoyed having them here – both are delightful and skilled young men. Slightly sorry they’ve finished.
Cliftonwood, Bristol

Our professional commitment

We pride ourselves on providing work of the highest quality, whilst maintaining good relationships with our clients

Exceptional work

We perform our sash window services to the highest standard

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Draught Proofing for Sash Windows FAQs

Please see below a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the draught proofing and service package:

Once New Life Sash Window co have finished working on your windows our recommended team of specialist decorators will take over. One side of the window beading is left detachable so that the windows can be easily removed and the decorating can begin.

We offer the ‘Brighton lock’ as a part of our draught proof and service package. This can be further enhanced by installing a pair of ‘security sash stops’. Both of these come in a range of finishes and add to the style and character of the window. The ‘security sash stops’ are fitted just above the meeting rail to give you peace of mind when leaving your window open and unattended. It is also useful for families with younger children, to ensure they are safe when the windows are open.

We also offer British standard safety glass as an option when restoring your windows. This has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of an accident by impact, fracture or shattering.

We no longer offer decoration as a service. We do however have a team of specialist decorators that we refer the work to and then work alongside. This is all then project managed by Tom the company Director.

No, we remove all windows so that we can work on them from the inside.

The cost for restoration, conversions and replacements vary depending on the size of the windows and the extent of the work to be carried out. Please do not hesitate to get intouch for a free quotation tailored to your specific needs.

Before we carry out any work we sheet up floors and belongings in any room we work in. All tools are connected to our portable dust extraction system to minimise any dust and we always aim to leave a room tidier than we find it.

Yes, we work on site and require a room to set up and work in. If the job is in multiple rooms we will liase with our clients to ensure the least amount of disturbance is caused whilst we carry out the work. If the job is on multiple floors we may require different rooms to work in, which in the long run will save money on the labour cost. For individual windows in separate rooms we require a space of 2 meters around the window

Yes. Projects are priced to reflect the travel requirements for locations outside of the greater Bristol area.