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Sash Window Replacement & Installation in Bristol

Traditional craftsmanship combined with the latest technology and finishes, to provide an authentic but modern touch

Bring New Life to your traditional sash windows

Highly experienced joiners replicating the traditional mouldings of Bristol's windows

Using custom designed tooling, our highly experienced joiners will replicate the traditional mouldings of your existing sash windows. This helps to keep the character and charm of the original design, whilst providing the ultimate upgrade in thermal efficiency and noise reduction. By investing in high performance sash windows, you can both transform and add value to your home.

When double glazing is not permitted, we can also provide single glazed sash window replicas for listed buildings and conservation areas.

Sash windows built to last

Transform your home with our stunning, fully bespoke double glazed Accoya sash window replacements

All of our sash window replacements are made using Accoya® timber. Accoya® is an eco friendly sustainable timber. It also holds the reputation as the most durable on the market, with a 50 year lifespan guarantee without significant rot or swelling.

Once constructed, the windows are then spray finished with an advanced microporous paint system, to provide maximum durability.

Before & after

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Close up of old, rotten and broken sash window frame Broken sash window repair by New Life Sash Window Co
Close up of old, rotten window sill with paint peeling Close up of repaired and repainted window sill

A Bristolian touch

Sash windows manufactured in Bristol for Bristol

Based in Iron Acton, our joiners have been constructing sash windows for over 25 years. 

From their workshop specifically designed for the production of sash windows, they have supplied us with windows of unrivalled quality for many years.

Contact us to find out more about our exceptional sash windows.

How we help

Sash Window Replacement & Installation services

Upon enquiry we will arrange a time for a free consultation and quote. During which we will establish whether it would be more suitable to your requirements to convert your existing single glazed sash windows to double or fit replacements

During the consultation, measurements of the windows will be taken and sent to our joiners. Once the manufacture of the windows is complete, they are delivered to the job where we start the fitting process. All existing windows are removed and disposed of, allowing us to size your new windows accordingly. The windows are then corded and balanced, using fresh lead to top up the existing weights in the box frames. The sash windows are then fitted with the discreet brush pile beading and  ready for the decoration of the box frames

We will always endeavour to achieve the best u-value (thermal transmittance) from the new double glazing, to ensure your windows are as energy efficient as possible. Depending on the thickness of your sash frames, we will fit units with the highest possible thickness of cavity. The unit is also manufactured with a low emissivity coat and filled with Argon gas. A choice of black, white or aluminium spacers is also available.

Our joiners will replicate the original features of your window, helping you to keep the traditional aesthetic and charm. Glazing bars, decorative horns and profile mouldings are all taken into consideration in the manufacturing process 

For your sash window replacements we can also offer obscured glass for the rooms in your home that require an extra level of privacy

Once the process has been carried out, the box frames will then need to be decorated. For this we have a separate team of specialist decorators who we recommend for the work. One side of the draught proof beading is left detachable so the decorators can take the window back out to prepare and paint the frames. Upon completion of the decoration, the windows will be fitted by the decorators and sealed in. Although the decorators are a separate company, the whole project is managed in house by New Life Sash Window co to ensure your windows get the best possible treatment from start to finish

Close up of Accoya timber wood used for sash windows

Conscious construction

Sustainability and peak performance combined

The performance of Accoya® wood at least matches or exceeds that of the very best tropical hardwoods, yet it is produced from well managed sustainable sources including FSC, PEFC and other regionally certified woods.

Only abundantly available, fast growing source species are used to create Accoya® wood.

Compared to other durable wood species, Accoya® wood also offers superior thermal insulation and energy conservation. With these benefits combined there really is no substitute for your new sash windows.



From our Sash Window Replacement & Installation clients

We’re very proud to receive wonderful testimonials for our craftsmanship, professionalism, pricing and communication. Here’s just a few of our favourites.

Tom and James did an outstanding job upgrading our crooked windows with new double-glazed, wood-framed sashes. They replaced rotten sills, overcame several unexpected hurdles and finished well within the estimated time. They tidied up very effectively and were polite and as quiet as could be reasonably expected - important as we we work from home.
Tom and George did a really good job for us. Inevitably rotten bits were found which they reported and consulted about, then repaired or replaced as appropriate, in a most cost-effective and neat way. We enjoyed having them here – both are delightful and skilled young men. Slightly sorry they’ve finished.
Cliftonwood, Bristol
Tom and the guys from New Life Sash Window co replaced our old and draughty sash windows with brand new hardwood double glazed units making a huge difference to the temperature and noise levels in our living room. They are decorated beautifully and are once again a feature point at the front of our house.
Cotham, Bristol

Our professional commitment

We take great pride in our reputation to provide top quality windows and will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy with the investment of their new windows.

Exceptional work

We perform our sash window services to the highest standard

Clear communication

We will always let you know when and where to expect our team

Honest pricing

We'll estimate every job and keep you informed of project progression

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Sash Window Replacement & Installation FAQs

Please see below a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding sash window replacements:

Once New Life Sash Window co have finished working on your windows our recommended team of specialist decorators will take over. One side of the window beading is left detachable so that the windows can be easily removed and the decorating can begin.

We can offer acoustic laminate glass with all double glazed windows. Acoustic laminate glass is designed to reduce the unwanted noise from the outside world so that your living and working spaces can be as peaceful as possible.

When restoring, converting or replacing we offer obscured glass for the rooms in your home that require an extra level of privacy.

We offer the ‘Brighton lock’ as a part of our draught proof and service package. This can be further enhanced by installing a pair of ‘security sash stops’. Both of these come in a range of finishes and add to the style and character of the window. The ‘security sash stops’ are fitted just above the meeting rail to give you peace of mind when leaving your window open and unattended. It is also useful for families with younger children, to ensure they are safe when the windows are open.

We also offer British standard safety glass as an option when restoring your windows. This has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of an accident by impact, fracture or shattering.

This depends on the property and the location of the windows.

Grade 1 listed buildings are usually refused permission.

Grade 2 front of house can be tricky but planners are gradually coming around to accepting new double glazing as both the technology and the need for the service increases. Back of house is usually accepted.

We always advise approaching your local planning authority for permission before deciding to install double glazing in your listed building.

This can be done through the website.

Yes, once constructed the replacements come spray finished using a micro porous paint in order to let the timber breath. This in turn delivers a high quality and highly durable finished sash window.

We no longer offer decoration as a service. We do however have a team of specialist decorators that we refer the work to and then work alongside. This is all then project managed by Tom the company Director.

No, we remove all windows so that we can work on them from the inside.

The main consideration when making this decision is the condition of the existing windows. In some instances replacements may be unavoidable but our clients are often surprised at what can be repaired. At New Life Sash Window co we always endeavour to repair and renovate the original windows rather than replace. If however the brief is to fit all new replacements we will happily provide a quotation for our high performance Accoya® sash windows.

The cost for restoration, conversions and replacements vary depending on the size of the windows and the extent of the work to be carried out. Please do not hesitate to get intouch for a free quotation tailored to your specific needs.

Before we carry out any work we sheet up floors and belongings in any room we work in. All tools are connected to our portable dust extraction system to minimise any dust and we always aim to leave a room tidier than we find it.

Yes, we work on site and require a room to set up and work in. If the job is in multiple rooms we will liase with our clients to ensure the least amount of disturbance is caused whilst we carry out the work. If the job is on multiple floors we may require different rooms to work in, which in the long run will save money on the labour cost. For individual windows in separate rooms we require a space of 2 meters around the window

Yes. Projects are priced to reflect the travel requirements for locations outside of the greater Bristol area.